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I recently started meditating.

Every morning!  Being a yoga teacher and student I always felt strange about NOT meditating. I never “ got it”. I would do a little, sitting for a few moments to become still before my practice, but I just did not consider it valuable enough to give this practice TIME.

Recently, some thing changed for me – the realization that my mind was a source of stress and hyper production, the realization that I was trapped in to do lists that were bigger than my time, the realization that “ I “ my spirit was not free in this life I was living.

Hence, starting in very simply with meditation.

Every morning – first thing after a big glass of water and putting the dogs out, I close my door and set the timer for 20 minutes ( I stared with 10 minutes) I do a few simply breathing exercises and then I relax, I slow down, and I become quiet.

The PROFOUND insights I have experienced with my practice have actually shocked me.

First, I now catch myself getting tense, catch myself with a rushing mind, and through out the day I notice the various patterns about how I am and how I am operating. So I am waking up and becoming more aware.

Even more  positive, I am happier, gentler (with myself and others) and more rational about the truth of my life. I am more confident with my decisions.

I so enjoy my practice that I also take time at night to meditate as well, when I feel like it, as a way to separate myself from my day and let things slow down.

I suppose I realized that a racing busy mind is a condition I need to drain out of myself, that pushing on was getting me no where except older and less happy with life, and I was doing it to myself by “doing”. I needed to re-balance and practice “Being”

Practicing this gentle letting go has brought more joy back and has literally turned my ship back around so I feel like I am present in my own life again, as myself, with an open heart and a calm mind.

I will be posting some simple guidelines to meditating soon.

I would love to hear your comments you have on this.