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Training & Certifications

with Niedra Gabriel

Sportivo Gym, Rodney Bay, St Lucia
Fri April 13, 4 – 8pm
Sat April 14, 12 – 7pm (1 hour break)
Sun April 15, 10 – 5pm (1 hour break)
Total 16 hours training.

Would you like to be a Pilates Mat teacher?
Know how to teach each exercise?
How to Modify the exercises for different body conditions?
How to teach individuals as well as groups?

The emphasis of this training is how to teach each of the 27 exercises that compromise the Beginner system as well as the warm ups for the workout. The course covers modifications for the exercises as well as how to use voice and cueing to progress and improve students.

Upon completion of the end of the training students get a certificate of completion from Mind2Body studio in California.
Cost $500.00 USD or $1350.00 ECD
Payable to Sportivo Gym.

Sign up for both in depth study and certification $575.00 USD or 1550.00 ECD

with Niedra Gabriel

Sportivo Gym, Rodney Bay, St Lucia
Friday April 20 4:00 – 8:00 pm
Saturday April 21 12:00 – 7:00 pm (1 hour break)
Sunday April 22 10:00 – 5:00 pm ( 1 hour break)
Training hours: 16

This training is open to teachers who have already completed a Beginner mat training. During this program you will learn how to teach the 12 intermediate level exercises (building on the 27 beginner mat exercises learned in the beginner mat training)

You will learn how to modify and adjust each exercise for the client requirements as well as when and where to add them to the program to create intermediate level sequences.

Upon completion and test out students will receive a certificate of completion from Mind2Body training.

Cost $500.00 or 1350 ECD
Sign up for both in depth study and certification $575.00 USD  1550.00 ECD
Payable to Sportivo Gym.



with Niedra Gabriel

Sportivo Gym,  Rodney Bay, St Lucia
Module 1 –  April 10,11, 12,  Basic practice  1:00- 3:00 pm
Module 2 – April 17, 18, 19  Intermdiate practice 1:00 – 3:00pm

Would you like to deepen your understanding of the Pilates Method?
Would you like to learn to do the Pilates Mat exercises properly?
Would you like to learn the theory and purpose for each exercise?
Would you like to learn how to modify the exercises for your body?

Module 1 – Basic practice

During this in depth study we will cover the beginner mat exercises in detail so the students can gain confidence in doing the exercises themselves and improve their technique so they can practice independently as well as be better educated when attending classes.

Module 2 – Intermediate practice

This training is for people who want to enhance their application of the intermediate Pilates Mat exercises and do workouts on their own.   In this training we will will learn how to do each of the intermediate level exercises, where they fit into the full intermediate workout and how to modify them for personal needs.This training is essential for anyone wanting to take the intermediate mat certification who is unfamiliar with the intermediate sequence of Pilates Mat work.

Each module ( basic and Intermediate per) Costs  $275.00 USD or $745.00 ECD

Payable to Sportivo Gym