2017 Costa Rica Yoga Retreat @ Finca Luna Nueva Lodge
Apr 22 – Apr 29 all-day

2017 in Costa Rica with Niedra Gabriel; a Yoga Adventure retreat. Discover what is wild and free in you!

I am excited to be bringing a group to the rain forest of Costa Rica, to experience, through Yoga and our place in nature, the power of   stepping into the inner and outer adventure of your wild limitless self.


Daily yoga practices, natural movement education (to restore what we forgot should be part of our daily life.) Inner and outer adventure practices, are all part of the retreat program designed to empower your limitless natural self.

Your 7 Nights Accommodations at Luna Nueva Rainforest Eco-Lodge Hotel includes:

  • 3 delicious vegetarian meals a day (organic and locally grown)
  • Daily yoga and Kundalini practices
  • Pilates basics
  • Functional natural movement
  • Breath and meditation
  • Nature and adventure tours
  • Health education talks

The Finca Luna Nueva lodge is located amidst acres of lush gardens, with hiking trails into the rain forest and views of the magnificent Arenal Volcano. They are a Sustainable Rainforest Eco-Lodge and nature reserve, have a bio- dynamic farm, Herbal estate and they provides ecoturism and education in the rainforest of Costa Rica.

  • The atmosphere of the retreat is simple, healthy and relaxed. Rooms are single or double occupancy with fans and hot water.
  • A spring-fed chlorine free pool and hot tub heated by the sun will sooth your sense
  • The yoga Deck is covered and open so the surrounding nature is part of the practice. They have mats, blocks, straps and more.
  • The retreat provides all-organic, vegetarian meals created from Luna Nueva’s own fruit and vegetable gardens.

Limited to 15 people with a deposit of $300.00 holding your spot.

Single Room: $2295.00
Shared Room*: $1895.00

Costa Rica Payment Options

Airfare and transportation from the airport not included. I will arrange a group shuttle to share from San Jose airport. Shuttle will leave san Jose airport at 2 pm.

Warm Namaste and see you soon ~ Niedra ~

To see more about the Finca Luna Nueva lodge

Hawaii Yoga Detox Retreat June 2017 @ Hawaii (big island) - Hamakua Coast
Jun 7 – Jun 16 all-day

UPSPIRAL into RADIANT health – A Yoga Detox 10 Day Retreat

THIS 10-day Yoga Detox will dissolve the hard calcified waste that is makes you feel old. And Up Spiral your being into a radiant, youthful, joy filled “SELF”.

At the Dr Cassar’s “Terrain modification” Retreat center – HAWAII (Big Island)
June 7 – 16, 2017 (arrive June 6, depart June 17) | Limit: 5 – 8 people


This retreat will be a total cleanse for body mind and spirit.

It is structured to be a journey through the chakras, working from the root, realigning and releasing to bring you back into unity and balance within! Each day the program will go deeper into releasing, realigning and up grading you being, your presence and your spirit.  You will step out of these 10 days, unburdened from physical, emotional and mental “weight” you did not even know was holding you down.

You will rediscover and reconnect with what is bright, light inspired and visionary within. This upgrade will positively affect your life, your work, your relationships and your purpose.

Who is this for?

  • You are ready to break through emotional and physical patterns that hold you back
  • You want to fortify and upgrade your physical well being
  • You want to step out of depression and anxiety as a pattern
  • You want to elevate your spirit.
  • You want to up level your yoga practice (or establish a practice)
  • You want to eliminate digestive issues once and for all
  • You want to experience how a TOTAL cleanse Up Spirals your being

This Yoga Detox retreat includes:

  • Medical supervision throughout
  • Water fasting into probiotic drinks and re feeding
  • Daily yoga practices
  • Daily release work to soften muscles and restore joint mobility and hydration
  • Massage
  • Cranial Sacral Therapy
  • Gemstone Meridian Therapy
  • Cupping Therapy
  • Spinal Adjustment TherapyDetoxification therapies:
    • IV antioxidant therapy
    • Far Infrared sauna and steam room
    • Skin cleansing to restore oxygen absorption
    • Colon hydrotherapy
  • Food prep classes in fermentation and meal preparation
  • Adventure trips
  • Beaches, Sun and more

The Detox:
An initial consultation is done to prepare your individual program based on your history, goals and blood work. The detox is designed around water Fasting, followed with Probiotic and Nutrient Dense Liquids and Foods. A naturopathic doctor who specializes in detoxing supervises the program.

A variety of medical treatments are included (listed above). All intended to support you in detoxification and upgrading body mind and spirit.

The Yoga:
Daily yoga practices and release work are taught to align and support the fasting journey. The practices will release and realign you at a higher energetic level and presence. Each day a specific chakra and its layers will be the focus of the work to support recalibrating to a higher relationship with the whole.

The Venue:
The retreat is located on the Hamakua Coast in the beautiful Big Island of Hawaii. Hamakua means “Breath of God” in Hawaiian. This coast has some of the cleanest air in the world. The elements of water, fire, earth and air are all truly present and powerful in this beautiful place. The active lava flow off and on throughout the year (on the opposite coast) keeps the earth energy pulsating and strong throughout the island. Being grounded is a tangible experience here.

The Retreat property is a large fruit orchard with vast ocean views, fresh water streams and waterfalls, large lawns for activities and expansive grounds for nature walks and sunbathing.  The main house is referred to as the Crystal Sanctuary for the many Amethyst and Quartz crystals placed intentionally throughout the space. The high ceilings and many windows create a spacious, airy and comfortable place for participants to enjoy their retreat experience. There are several accommodation options, both private and shared rooms, depending on personal preference and budget.

About Niedra Gabriel
Over her 30+ year career Niedra Gabriel as a Pilates and Yoga instructor specializing in wholistic lifestyle programs. Her vision is to optimize her clients talents and support them in living the best quality life. Besides working privately with clients she travels world-wide teaching lifestyle retreats, workshops,continuing education and teacher trainings. She is a regular featured teacher on and She has a unique ability to deliver material in simple, fun, highly effective ways forindividuals of all levels.

Master Bedroom

  • Private $4500
  • Shared $ 3750

Queen Rooms: (2 rooms available)

  • Solo – $3850
  • Shared – $3525
    (Shared bathroom)

Smaller Bedroom

  • Solo – $3525.00
  • Shared – $3250.00
    (Shared bathroom)

TO SECURE YOUR PLACE please schedule a consultation with Dr. Jessica…


Niedra Gabriel

2017 Spain Yoga Rejuvenation Retreat @ Cortijo Las Salinas
Jul 28 – Aug 4 all-day

2017 Spain Yoga Rejuvenation Retreat

I am excited to return, for the third year in a row, to the Breathtaking, magical Cortijo Las Salinas in southern Spain for a yoga rejuvenation retreat.


Daily yoga practices, daily “rejuvenation protocols” and optional creative art work have a proven record of wiping away stress, raising vitality and restoring your joy of life.

During this all-inclusive 7 – day retreat you will enjoy:

  • Accommodation: Choice of shared or private rooms.
  • Food: 3 delicious vegetarian meals daily.
  • Yoga: 90 minute practice every daily.
  • Joint mobility: Release work daily.
  • Breath and meditation daily.
  • Educational talks: Energy, weight loss, immune system, hormones, etc.
  • Optional: Creative art classes’ massage, healing treatments.
  • DOWN TIME: Nap, walk, bike, swim, read, bliss out.

Cortijo Las Salinas is a traditional Spanish style villa nestled into the olive groves of the rolling Andalucian mountains.  The accommodation includes artfully decorated rooms, an open air, yoga shala, thatched roof casita for meals, big swimming pool, art studio and loads of soul.

Limited to 15 people with a deposit of $300.00 holding your spot.
Early Bird Special when Paid in full by May 20, 2017

Early Bird – double occupancy (shared bathroom) $1,497.00 USD (After May 20 – $1,697.00)
Early Bird – single (shared bathroom): $1,747.00 USD (after May 20 – $1,947.00)
Early Bird – single room (private bathroom): $1,847.00 USD (after May 20 – $2,047.00)

Early Bird Payment Options

Airfare and transportation from the airport not included. I will arrange a group shuttle to share from Malaga airport. Shuttle will leave Malaga  airport at 1 pm.

Warm Namaste and see you soon ~ Niedra ~

Event retreat location information for the amazing Cortijo Las Salinas villa