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Cold hands, Low Energy and Heart Attacks.

” Your Mother needs heart surgery !”

My mother could not breathe – we all knew something was very wrong.

Her heart was so congested with plaque it was working over time trying to push the blood through and her lungs were filling up with fluid.

Surgery means sawing open her rib cage!

It meant take out the heart!

and replacing the aeortic valve!

Then she gets put back together and hopefully, if she does not die on the operating table , she will recover, hopefully with out complications.

“sound like suicide to me ” was my mother’s response

“I prefer to die a natural death”.

From the medical perspective this was the ONLY choice.

The family decided to assist and support my mother to be comfortable in her final days.  we set up hospice care and kept her on diuretics (to keep the fluids down) and oxygen (so she could breathe.)

I was on the internet like a shot – doing my own research.

I found out a lot: chelation therapy was another way to relieve the circulatory system.  I learned that calcium builds up in the body as heavy metals accumulate. As a result of heavy metals, free radicals multiply and  break down cell integrity. I also found that chelation therapy is non invasive can be done either through an IV  drip ( fast results but more expensive) or orally ( slower, and less expensive  – as you take pills).

My mother started the IV chelation July 12th,  and less than a month later. she is breathing again, is taking short walks and is beginning to get involved in life (personally I thought we began too late,  I had’nt expected her to last a month when she started this program as being so frail she was not allowed to recieve the chelation more than once a week).

Heart Disease is a majour problem – we all know people with high blood pressure or high cholesterol, but more subtle symptoms are

shortness of breath,

cold hands and feet

and tingling in the hands and feet

all are signs of weakness in the circulatory system and can be resolved with chelation.

Both Bob and I have started an oral chelation program and I highly recommend http://www.oralchelation.com/?a_aid=4e11057ba50bb .

If you want to read more about the research on heart disease and how chelation works you can click on the link called reference material on this site.

Bob (my husband) is no longer on blood pressure medication as his blood pressure is normal, and he no longer gets shortness of breath, I have always been pretty healthy, but I feel I have much more endurance.

I hope you all stay healthy – none of us were meant to suffer from heat disease, it is a result of this modern lifestyle we all live. Fortunately there is much we can do about this.

To your health!

May you all stay with a healthy warm heart!