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“I have met Niedra on a resort in St-Lucia, she was teaching pilates and yoga. Her energy, calmness and positive attitude allowed me as a beginner, to feel comfortable in classes I have never taken before. Thanks to her, Pilates are now included in my lifestyle on a weekly basis! I will never forget the positive impact meeting Niedra had on my vacations that week. Moments I will always remember and treasure.”
-Marie-Claude LeBlanc, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

“Niedra was a great inspiration to me and changed the way I taught Pilates for the better. Her passion and knowledge of Pilates was second to none. Niedra is a rare and true leader and I am very grateful to have trained under her.”
-Noelle Rox, Owner of Simpatico Pilates, Montecito, Ca

“Niedra is the most inspirational of yoga teachers. Hugely encouraging, she motivates you to bend and stretch and through the process, release stresses and strains and ultimately gives you back the body of your youth!”
-Jenny Naylor | VP, Marketing

“You totally inspired me and have given me a new purpose in my life, I still practice my routine (from the one to one ) on a daily basis and must say that pilates has become a way of life for me. Thankyou for introducing me to it.”
-Karen Hutchison

“Niedra is a great, great teacher and Pilates is the best way to stay in shape.”
– Alan Cumming (actor, X-men 2, Spy Kids)

“Niedra Gabriel is the ultimate Pilates instructor. Her positive energy and spirit are always focused as she guides her students on the path to maximizing their potential and literally changing their lives!”
– Peri Rogovin (owner, 3rd Street Dance, Los Angeles)

“(Has) transformed my body into one I’d only ever dreamed of having. In my early 50’s I have the body of a 35 year old.”
– Joanna Cottrell (creator, Mangia New York)

“Believe it or not I have been exercising here and there by your wonderful DVD for the last 6 years. Now I came back to US ( living in Las Vegas ) and discovered that I have a tremendous passion for Pilates , nutrition and body work. I wasn’t sure whether it is a correct choice but I have decided to take on Pilates very seriously and deeply and become a trainer. My very sincerest gratitude towards your determination, I have read your story. WOW !!!! well done . I would like to start being your student therefore considering attending your beginners pilates class on 13th of April….”

-Tajana, Russian Lady