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Movement is my Passion,
my Vision,
my Joy,
Movement is my Life.

From Struggling to Soaring

“For as long as I can remember, I wanted to dance. The thought of dancing gave me a wonderful feeling to express with every Inch of my body, my being. I craved this as a breath itself. At age 5, I walked into and took my first ballet class. There was no prior permission from the teacher or my mother! I just showed up and danced. The teacher had to find my mother, to let her know I had started.”

I attended ballet classes in Jerusalem (my birthplace) Tel Aviv, London and Rumania. I had a powerful vision. The amazing thing was, I was not the dancer I had in my vision.

My journey had begun. In class I was clumsy and shy, untalented – Invisible at the back of the room… I felt trapped in an unresponsive body, crippled by depression and doubt, far from my vision and dream. Desperate for change I started studying with a controversial Russian teacher – Alice Elliott. She sensed my inner desire and by demanding profound (but small), technical adjustments in my training, opened me to a world of talent and ability. I learned more than mere “technique”: I learned to feel and show my spirit within every inch of my body.

In 6 months, I went from “nobody” to becoming an exciting dancer.

Moving Into Yoga…

In my 20’s I was drawn to Yoga, much like my 5-year old self was drawn to ballet. I was fortunate to start my studies with Kofi Busia in England, then with B.K.S. Iyengar in India. I got to explore the vast potential, detail and relationship of the parts within each pose.I was ecstatic studying this way: such perfection, such freedom! With Pranayama (Yogic breathing) I revisited the soul of my vision as dancer – pure, silent movement, the essence of life!

I awoke to being conscious in the moment, bringing mind body and spirit into union. I started teaching Yoga.
In 1982, I came to the US and explored other styles of Yoga. Today, I am certified in both Anusara and Kundalini Yoga, having additionally trained in other styles such as Ashtanga, Power Yoga, Bikram, vinyassa flow and others. Over the years, as a teacher, I have come to realize the importance of combining technical detail with heart felt devotion and joy for the journey. Only then is there balance between heart and mind.


Moving into Pilates…

My love of movement brought me to Pilates. I became a certified Pilates teacher with Romana Kryzanowska, protégé of Joseph Pilates. I learned the importance of contraction and core strength. Yoga was all about opening and expanding. Pilates was about holding together and containing the form.

I was now teaching full time – I realized I had a gift for seeing the inner structure within my students, a talent for moving them beyond their perceived limitations. This inner structure, or blue print, exists in everyone, no matter what shape or size. When they tap into it, they experience physical and emotional breakthroughs. I see them soar.

Moving into Flying…

Climbing up the ladder, on my first attempt at flying trapeze, I was in such terror I could barely breath or open my eyes, I had severe fear of heights and I was now 30 feet up.I had decided to try something different! I loved “ Cirque Du Soleil”! “Jump” the teacher yelled and I was pushed off the platform, hurdled through the air, hanging from a bar – flying into another world. At the end of the jump, falling to the net, 20 feet below, I was ecstatic. My old world had stopped.

I persevered, repeating the climb and jump over and over – I witnessed my fear of heights subside, my willingness to be aware and calm while climbing up grow. Mastering movements while swinging from the trapeze became a source of intoxicating joy. I have come to realize that with fear – you MUST walk through to overcome it and only with practice and repetition that transformation and confidence grow, a new state of being is embodied.

Today, I perform as a trapeze artist.

No longer afraid of heights. No longer afraid of falling. I am blessed to feel in body and mind what it’s like to fly.

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2019 a Costa Rica Yoga Adventure... @ Finca Luna Nueva Lodge
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