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Do you feel you are not living up to your true potential? In spite of fitness protocols? Healthy or not so healthy life style? Emotional and spiritual practices? Do you yearn to experience YOUR TRUE NATURE? on all planes? Physically? Mentally? Emotionally? Spiritually?

There is more…  You know this!


For over 28 years Niedra Gabriel has been helping people ACHIEVE health and vitality through yoga, pilates and life style protocols.

“In Jan 2016 I took a group to Hawaii to experience the Terrain Modification water fasting retreat. The incredible benefits were so profound I decided to provide this Hawaii Yoga Detox Retreat opportunity on a yearly basis coming Feb 13 – March 6, 2017.”


This Hawaiian rejuvenation retreat is for those eager to go all the way with their vision for health.

Niedra Gabriel has partnered with Dr. Robert Cassar, DC father of the Terrain Modification Program to bring your body, mind and spirit into a balanced, healthy and vital state.

Now is the time to speak with Niedra and the Terrain Modification team to find out if this retreat is right for you and will address your needs call (805) 222-0178 for a free consultation.

Hawaii Yoga and Detox Retreat Information
Location: Hawaii (Big Island)
Dates: February 13 – March 6, 2017
(805) 222-0178  |  spiritmoveslife@gmail.com
Additional Info: Terrain Modification Program Website

We offer an EARLY BIRD $200 discount if your deposit is placed by December 2, 2016. 
Call today to discuss if our program is a fit for you (805) 222-0178.

During this Hawaii cleanse retreat we fill focus on solutions for:

  • Clearing out heavy metals, parasites, environmental toxins that build up in the body
  • Rebuilding the gut, cells, muscles, organs and skeleton
  • Relieve Arthritic pains
  • Resolve Digestive problems
  • Lift Mental fog, depression ad exhaustion.
  • Increased strength and coordination
  • Restore ambition and joy of life
  • WEIGHT LOSS – of course!
  • ANTI AGING this program is the best formula ever
  • Reconnect with the child in you again

You know there is more to who you are, why you are alive and yet you are not sure how to connect. This deep work will clear out what is  NOT you and upgrade you to a higher frequency of health and awareness.


There is no better place to host a Hawaii detox retreat than on the Hamakua Coast, which in Hawaiian means “Breath of God”. The energy and tranquility at the foot of the dormant Mauna Kea volcano are unparalleled as the location to get your life back into balance.

Hawaiian Retreat Centers Program

This 21 day Hawaii rejuvenation retreat offers so many beneficial therapies, treatments, education and even Hawaii adventures it’s hard to list them all. With our extensive consultation, planning and supervision your retreat experience is made to bring you into balance and educate you on how to maintain all you have gained long after you are home. Some of what to expect include:

  • 7 days water to allow the body a much needed rest and turn on the cleansing and healing full force! (Fun Fact: digestion takes up to 85% of our bodies total energy. This includes muscular action as well as enzyme production). During the water fasting stage you will get to release deep physical blocks in your body through gentle physical yogic unravelling protocols that unburden the musculature.
  • 7 days of Fermented coconut water, to start the digestive process lightly, introducing a variety of liquids that parallel your blood osmoality. During this phase the yogic practices will align your physiology to higher level geometric structure.
  • 7 days of raw food where you will learn to reset your digestion by making and consuming many superfood recipes which you can use when you get home. The re-feeding period is also a time to learn how to take this lifestyle home. You will learn ways to ferment foods packed with beneficial bacteria and how to make foods exactly programmed for your unique DNA. With this knowledge you can continue your optimal health upgrade massively.”

The yoga will integrate body mind and spirit and get you Into your body supporting a state of aligned union of body mind and spirit.

The fast and every stage of the program is supervised by a naturopathic doctor who specializes in detoxing and includes an initial consultation to prepare your individual program, basic blood work and a variety of medical treatments all intended too increase and support the detoxing so you regain balance.

The detox medical programs portion of this retreat includes:

  • IV Chelation therapy, to remove heavy metals.
  • IV Glutathione, The Glutathione is the mother of all antioxidants in the body. It recycles Vitamin C and Vitamin E. Glutathione is like liquid gold. During the fast it removes the toxins released from the tissue and helps to carry them safely out of the body before they do any damage to healthy cells. It is amazing for anti-aging and rejuvenation as it is a strong anti-oxidant throughout the entire body.
  • Castor oil packs, Castor Oil packs stimulate the liver to produce more Glutathione, which is beneficial for the above reasons. The packs also help the liver to process all the toxins being released. It is also anti-inflammatory and helps decrease any inflammation in the abdomen.
  • Homeopathic support for emotional support as needed.
  • Detoxing through the skin in the Infra red sauna and steam room
  • Massage and colonics to help move toxins out. You will learn how to open up the pores of the skin, to allow for lymphatic drainage and oxygen absorption.
  • You will learn how to do “Guasha” body work, to break up deep stagnation in the cells.
  • We will get to enjoy the farm, swim in the property waterfalls, enjoy local beaches and attend lectures on various topics from Dr. Robert Cassar about Terrain Modification.
  • Daily yoga sessions will keep you actively in touch and celebrating your body as the vehicle for experiencing your life.
Hawaiian Adventure locations include:
  • Kona Beach Day
  • Volcano’s National Park
  • Hilo Farmer’s Market and Beach Day
  • Akaka Falls Walking Tour

For the full list of program details please visit Dr. Robert Cassar’s website http://terrainmodificationretreathawaii.com/terrain-modification-program/ As this is designed as a group experience, individuals selected for the program are approved with the best interest of the group as a whole in mind. Call today to learn more (805) 222-0178

This Terrain Modification Program is a premier Hawaii water fasting retreat that centers around detoxification retreat principles. This is supported by a raw food nutrition program. Additional parts of the program include Hawaiian Naturopathic Medicine Program with therapies for Glutathione, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Vitamin C, Nutrient and Chelation. On top of the yoga retreat program Niedra will bring here island pilates center experience to the big island.